Assistance with Costs of Treatment Sessions:

Medicare GP Mental Health Care Plan

Rebates are available through Medicare for psychology and clinical social work treatment services under a GP Mental Health Care Plan.

Your GP may refer you for Medicare-subsidised sessions with a psychologist or social worker. A psychiatrist or paediatrician may also refer you for Medicare-subsidised treatment with a psychologist or social worker.

You may recieve up to 10 sessions for individual therapy in a calender year. Bulk billing is available for eligible people. Otherwise, there is a reasonable gap payment.

The aim of this treatment is to help you understand more about your mental health issues and to learn strategies to manage the difficulties you are experiencing.


Private Health Insurance Rebate

Private Health Rebates are available for psychology services, please check with your Private Health fund for your entitlement. You will be issued with a receipt to present to your health fund for claiming. You cannot claim both a Medicare and a Private Health rebate for the same consultation.


TAC, Workcover, DVA:

Some of our clinicians are registered to provide services for these organisations, with a GP referral.